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Swimming Science is a community of coaches, researchers, practitioners, and swimming enthusiast bringing transparency to swimming.

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Weekly Round-up

  1. Efficiency, speed, then endurance by Chris Ritter..what do you all think?
  2. Recommended reading by Tad Sayce.
  3. Underwater Pull Series Introduction and Lift by Dr. Gary Hall Sr. 
  4. To swim faster go higher by Dr. Greg Wells.
  5. More research on blood flow resistance training
  6. Hand entry Part I by John Mullen.
  7. Live High, train low not effective...
  8. Flutter jumps exercise by John Mullen.
  9. L-arginine better than L-glutamine for endurance athletes.
  10. Weight training for women, 10 minute solution for low back pain: Part I, Rapid weight loss systems by John Mullen.

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