10 Keys for Swimmers Recovering from Shoulder Surgery

10 Keys for Swimmers Recovering from Shoulder Surgery

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Take Home Points for 10 Keys for Recovering from Swimming Shoulder Surgery 1) Concepts for rehabilitation after surgery are like any other shoulder injury, but a greater understanding of the specific procedure is required. 2) Aggressive training in non-surgical areas of the body is possible so long as the injured area is not placed at risk. 3) Rapid return to the water, even …

swimming warm-up timing

Swimming Warm-Up Timing

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In the last year, Dr. John has offered several posts on warm-ups both here and at Swimming World (See, Functional Swimming Warmup, Perfect Swimming Warmup, Neuromuscular Shoulder Warmup) One important question we haven’t specifically addressed is “How long should the warm-up end before the race?” Intuitively we know that going straight from a warm-up session to the blocks may provide insufficient recovery for …

40 Must Do Katie Ledecky Training Secrets

40 Must Do Katie Ledecky Training Secrets

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What are the secrets behind Katie Ledecky’s dominance? At last year’s ASCA World Clinic, Coach Bruce Gemmell provided some insight of Katie Ledecky training. The full presentation is available on the ASCA Website. One take home that’s hard to emphasize in print is how much attention was given to her semi final 3rd place finish in the 200m freestyle at World Championships last …

long-course swimming

The Differences Between Long-Course and Short-Course Swimming

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During springtime, many swimmers transition from winter short course training and racing into summer long course season.  Though some teams have the option to alternate long course and short course throughout the year, others swim exclusively in one swimming pool setup regardless of the current competitive season.   We all know that SCY and LCM feel extremely different and have different …