strength and conditioning in age group swimmers

Do Dry-Land Strength and Conditioning Programs in Age Group Swimmers Improve Swimming Velocity?

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Even though dry-land strength and conditioning training is a common practice in the context of swimming, there are countless uncertainties over its effects in performance of age group swimmers. The objective was to investigate the effects of dry-land strength and conditioning programs in swimming performance of age group swimmers. A total of 21 male competitive swimmers (12.7 ± 0.7 years) …

Variability And Motor Learning

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Many instructors, coaches, and therapists are interested in the question – “does introducing movement variability during practice facilitate learning?” Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not likely yes or no. It is important to move away from the notion of considering variability as a static term because it is possible to introduce variability during practice in multiple ways, which …

The Effect of Auditory Stimulus Training on Swimming Start Reaction Time

The Effect of Auditory Stimulus Training on Swimming Start Reaction Time

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Task-specific auditory training can improve sensorimotor processing times of the auditory reaction time (RT). The majority of competitive swimmers do not conduct habitual start training with the electronic horn used to commence a race. We examined the effect of four week dive training interventions on RT and block time (BT) of 10 male adolescent swimmers (age 14.0 ± 1.4 years): dive training with …

foam rolling for swimmers

Foam Rolling for Swimmers

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Results from different studies indicate that SMR using a Foam roll is effective in increasing ROM. The mechanisms of how SMR works have not been clearly elucidated until now. It is useful to distinguish between acute and long-term mechanisms. Foam rolling leads to an acute reduced arterial stiffness and an improved endothelial vascular function and arterial distensibility again is associated …

foam rolling for swimmers

Differences in Pressure Pain Threshold Among Men and Women After Foam Rolling

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Rehabilitation professionals often prescribe foam rolling as an intervention to augment other manual therapies or as a warm-up or recovery after athletic activity. Currently, there is a gap in the literature regarding how foam rolling effects the pressure pain threshold (PPT) among men and women. The purpose of this study was to examine the immediate effects of a foam rolling …

5 Tips For the Perfect Swimming Practice

5 Tips For the Perfect Swimming Practice

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What happens after the training session begins will require your utmost attention. You might have argued with your parents because you spend too much time playing video games, perhaps you are restless because you got angry with your best friend over something silly and want to make up or maybe you are just nervous because the day of an important …

Morning Exercise: Enhancement of Afternoon Sprint-Swimming Performance.

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Abstract Erin has dedicated much of her life to the sport of swimming. In addition to competing in the sport for 15 years, she has coached at various elite swim camps and clinics growing her expertise in stroke technique and video critique. She has also served as a volunteer staff member for Division I, II and III swim programs aiding …