Weekly Round-up

  1. The International Society of Swim Coaches has appointed Rod Havriluk and Daniel Marihno as President and Vice President. Read more here and join the society today. John is part of the Advisory Board, so he is biased, but this is the best free coaching resource for coaches on the internet!
  2. Shoulder pain and disability in female swimmers by Andrew Sortwell, read here.
  3. Aggressive or limited range of motion for rotator cuff repairs, read more here.
  4. Exploring reasons of exercise related muscle cramps, read here.
  5. The best part of being human, read here.
  6. The science behind improving athletic performance, read here.
  7. A conversation with Kevin Swander, read here.
  8. Alex Meyer back after a shoulder injury, read here.
  9. Pumping iron in the swimmer's diet, read here.
  10. The wedge: what's my number, read here.
  11. Mythbusters: Breaststroker's make the best IMers, read here.
  12. Individuality of training, read here.
  13. Can you overtrain the core by Eric Cressey, read here.
  14. Ginseng and Endurance part I by Andrew Sortwell, read here.
  15. Knee injuries in women linked to nervous system differences, read here.