COR Swimmer’s Shoulder System

The COR Swimmer’s Shoulder System E-book and video database starts with a comprehensive e-book that guides you through Mullen’s four-phase system. This book details everything about the shoulder, why swimmers are at risk for shoulder pain, to which training frequency option you should choose to exactly how you can make effective program modifications if you don’t have specific equipment at your disposal. The video database gives you video access to more than 40 exercise videos, so you’ll never have to worry about how to execute a correct movement again! It’ll be like John Mullen is there with you, teaching you how to perform the entire program in person! This great resource for coaches and swimmers is valued at $370, but is yours for only $149.99!

Swimming Core TrainingSwimming Core Training

Swimming Core Training: Everyone knows core training is essential for swimmers. Unfortunately, most core training programs are out-dated and irrelevant for swimmers. Learn how to strengthen your core in every plane of motion and transfer your core training to where it counts … the POOL! Click here and purchase Swimming Core Training.

Dryland for Swimmers

Dryland for Swimmers: This product took me years to create and is still an evolving! In this book, you’ll find a thorough review of dryland for swimmers. It also contains an extensive video database, outlining how to each exercise properly. Lastly, this product outlines a year plan for dryland for an entire team, making a safe, progressive, and effective program for all ages! Click here and get your copy of Dryland for Swimmers today!

Mobility for Swimmers

Mobility for Swimmers: The Mobility for Swimmers Handbook
is the most versatile mobility training guide on the market today, as many individuals have used it with success for goals of improving mobility for increasing performance. The program begins with a breakdown of the research on mobility, then gets into the research on the different forms of mobility and concludes with practical implications for every coach and swimmer. If you’re looking for an up-to-date, method for improving your mobility, this product is for you! Click here to learn more about Mobility for Swimmers!

 Swimming Science Swimming Stroke Biomechanical Analysis

Stroke technique plays a significant role in swimming success. Unfortunately, many swimmers do not have the resources for enhancing their swimming stroke biomechanics. The Swimming Science Swimming Stroke Biomechanical Analysis provides a whole stroke aKinematic Dolphin Kicknalysis breaks down your stroke, helping uncover where you stroke increases drag or where you can produce more force.

For an example of our detailed swimming stroke biomechanical analysis, checkout our swimming science biomechanical analysis of Sun Yang.

Purchase a Swimming Science Biomechanical Analysis today and receive the following:

  • Frame by frame breakdown of stroke
  • Detailed list of correct and faulty biomechanical movements
  • Detailed plan for improving biomechanics

Swimming Science Swimming Race Analysis

Interested in learning how your swimming races compare to Olympic and World Record swimmers? The Swimming Science Swimming Race VelocityAnalysis provides a detailed swimming race analysis, comparing your race to great swimmers.

For an example of our detailed stroke analysis, checkout our swimming race analysis and comparison of Florent Manaudou in the 50-m freestyle.

Purchase a Swimming Science Swimming Race Analysis today and receive the following:

  • Starting Velocity
  • Entry Distance
  • Stroke Rate per Lap
  • Distance Per Stroke per Lap
  • Velocity per Lap
  • And much more!

Swimming Science Masters Swimming Dryland Video Lecture

Being a Masters athlete is challenging. Working around odd pool times, finding times for meets, juggling work, kids, masters swimming workshopsignificant others, etc. These difficulties make Masters swimming a challenging, but fulfilling element in many lives. Masters swimming can improve your mind, body, and soul. Unfortunately, many don’t take full advantage of this opportunity, often narrowing on the social aspects of the sport. Certainly, socializing and having fun during a workout are important aspects of Masters swimming, but there is a dogma around improvement and seeking improvement.

Read more about the lecture here and Purchase the video lecture of course for $29.99!

  1. December 17, 2016


    my name is Ivan and I am a swimming coach.
    I am interesting to purchase your Swimming Science Biomechanical Analysis.

    Please, let me know more:
    – how many cameras are on the pool ?
    -how is working ( I need a special program for laptop, or everything are included ) ?
    -can I use on the every pool? (short or long)
    -can I get from country outside USA ?
    -and how much is costed?
    Thank you, hope to get a news from you.


  2. March 26, 2017

    I appreciate, cause I found just what I was looking for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye kedgeefdgckgdbgf

    April 25, 2017

    What type of exercise do I need to do to improve my startup dolphin kick?

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