Caeleb Dressel Fastest 100 Yard Breast Race Analysis

Caeleb Dressel Fastest 100 Yard Breast Race Analysis

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This past weekend was the start to the college swimming conference championships. As yards swimming continues to progress, we are fortunate to frequently see the best yards swims of all-time. This weekend started with a boom as Caeleb Dressel went the fastest 100 yard breast in history. Yes, I know he also went the fastest 200 yard IM in history, …

breasstroke pullout rules

Breaststroke Pullout Rules

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There has been much discussion and debate regarding the breaststroke pullout since swimmers began using a dolphin kick during the pullout. The dolphin was made legal after the 2004 Olympics, when Japanese swimmer Kitajima clearly used a dolphin kick without disqualification. This dolphin kick was not a disqualification because it was so hard to make a call on. Since the addition …

Butterfly Sprint Swimming Technique, Analysis of Somatic and Spatial-Temporal Coordination Variables

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Abstract The aim of this study was to investigate somatic properties and force production of leg extensor muscles measured in the countermovement jump test (CMJ), as well as to analyse kinematic variables of sprint surface butterfly swimming. MethodsThirty-four male competitive swimmers were recruited with an average age of 19.3 ± 1.83 years. Their average body height (BH) was 183.7 ± 5.93 …

Stroke Rate and Propulsive Limb Coordination Improve Sprint Breaststroke Swimming

Stroke Rate and Propulsive Limb Coordination Improve Sprint Breaststroke Swimming

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Propulsive limb coordination and body acceleration in sprint breaststroke swimming AbstractBACKGROUND:This work aimed at examining how coordination and kinematic indices interplay with swimming performance measured by average speed in 50 m all-out test.METHODS:The group of 34 male competitive swimmers (19.1±1.91 years old) participated in the study. The underwater movements of swimmers’ bodies were recorded providing side-shots. Accelerations and angular velocity of pitch rotation …

5 reasons you swim slower as you age (and it isn't a decrease in strength)

5 Reasons you Swim Slower as you Age (and it isn’t a decrease in strength)

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Take Home Points:Older swimmers are competing Internationally in sprint events.Power declines with aging are not the sole reason for decreased speed.Older distance swimmers are likely to rise in the future. If they can stay healthy and avoid burnout.Everyone has heard that power and strength declines as we age. Now, this statement is difficult to refute as many aging adults have experienced decreases …

freestyle head position

Tips for Improved Freestyle Head Position in Swimming

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Take home points1) Raised freestyle head position is one of the most common stroke flaws in freestyle2) Corrective strategies must be individualized to each swimmer3) Avenues for change include biomechanical, cognitive, and environmentalRaised freestyle head position in freestyle is one of the most common stroke flaws in the pool at all levels of the sport. In the literature this has …

How to Ride Waves in Swimming for Higher Velocity

How to Ride Waves in Swimming for Higher Velocity

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WHAT HAVE IN COMMON SPRINTERS AND SURFERS? ….BOTH RIDE THE WAVESWant to know how to ride waves in swimming for higher velocity?In my home-country, Portugal, it is the giant waves’ season. Surfers from around the world travel every years to Nazaré (that is the name of the spot in South Europe, Portugal) hopping to ride a giant wave and break …