swimming warm-up

The Swimming Warm-up Guide

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Think you know the proper swimming warm-up?Yes, many swimmers and coaches feel like they know how and why a swimmer warm-up is performance. Despite warm-up being a regular, continual practice, the research shows different information than what many in the swimming community believe. Luckily, we were able to have leading researcher Dr. Henrique P. Neiva speak on swimming warm-up, particularly one of his …

Variables that influence Ironman triathlon performance – what changed in the last 35 years?

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AbstractObjectiveThis narrative review summarizes findings for Ironman triathlon performance and intends to determine potential predictor variables for Ironman race performance in female and male triathletes.MethodsA literature search was performed in PubMed using the terms “Ironman”, “triathlon”, and “performance”. All resulting articles were searched for related citations.ResultsAge, previous experience, sex, training, origin, anthropometric and physiological characteristics, pacing, and performance in split …

long term athletic development for swimmers

Ultimate Guide to Long Term Athletic Development for Swimmers

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Take Home Points on the Ultimate Guide to Long Term Athletic Development for Swimmersperformance of age-group swimmers depends from the interaction of several domainsAnthropometrics & biological maturation, Genetics, Biomechanics & Motor control and Psychology are the main determinant factorsThere are available several straightforward and quick testing procedures for a coach monitor these determinant factors.Lately, we’ve posted articles on age-group swimmers breaking …

open water swimming performance trends

Open Water Swimming Performance Trends

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TAKE HOME POINTS ON OPEN WATER SWIMMING PERFORMANCE TRENDSOpen water performance peaks in the mid to early 20s for both men and women.Overall performances have generally slowed.Slowing overall times may reflect the importance of tactical surging throughout the race.Open water swimming has been around for many years, but has grown in stature with its inclusion in the Olympic schedule. With Olympic …

endurance sports hydration

Endurance Sports Hydration

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This is an interview with Dr. Koen Levels. Dr. Levels is an assistant professor at the VU University in Amsterdam. Here is a list of all his research articles and here is a link to the article on endurance sports hydration discussed below. Here is an article ‘Hydration Guide for Swimmers’ by Kevin Iwasa-Madge.1. Please introduce yourself to the readers (how you started in the …

freestyle head position

Tips for Improved Freestyle Head Position in Swimming

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Take home points1) Raised freestyle head position is one of the most common stroke flaws in freestyle2) Corrective strategies must be individualized to each swimmer3) Avenues for change include biomechanical, cognitive, and environmentalRaised freestyle head position in freestyle is one of the most common stroke flaws in the pool at all levels of the sport. In the literature this has …

Environmental influence on the prevalence and pattern of airway dysfunction in elite athletes

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ABSTRACTBackground and objective: Elite swimming and boxing require athletes to achieve relatively high minute ventilation. The combination of a sustained high ventilation and provocative training environment may impact the susceptibility of athletes to exercise-induced broncho-constriction (EIB). The purpose of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of EIB in elite Great British (GB) boxers and swimmers.Methods: Boxers (n = 38, …

Making Excellence a Habit

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Elite performers sleep more, engage in more frequent practiceExcellence is “mundane” to those at the top through daily habitsAn attitude in which excellence becomes mundane may translate into lower performance anxiety and thus more reliable race executionAs championship season continues, it’s not long before full attention goes toward summer preparation.  In times like these, it’s a good opportunity for reflection …