10 Strategies to Help Improve Swimming Times

10 Strategies to Help Improve Swimming Times

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You just can’t find a logical explanation for your poor performance and this new situation is getting to you. You were setting new personal records on your swimming times only a couple of seasons ago, whereas you can’t even get close to those old times nowadays. It does not necessarily mean the training provided is incorrect. There could be countless …

Heart-Rate Recovery After Warm-up in Swimming: A Useful Predictor of Training Heart-Rate Response?

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Abstract For training to be optimal, daily training load has to be adapted to the momentary status of the individual athlete, which is often difficult to establish. Therefore, the current study investigated the predictive value of heart-rate recovery (HRR) during a standardized warm-up for training load. Training load was quantified by the variation in heart rate during standardized training in …

A Swimmers State Of Mind: Do you have the Right Swimming Mental Attitude?

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The greatest factor affecting whether or not you set a great time and achieve your goals in a competition or during swimming training can sometimes be found in your own mind. The secret is how easily you can focus on the objective. Excessive nervousness, overzealous expectations, and fear of your rivals could be more than enough reasons to lose concentration. …

Eggbeater Biomechanics

Eggbeater Biomechanics

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Water polo differs from swimming as vertical floating and the eggbeater kick allow players to take position and do all the technical movements required, including dribbling and throwing. Players need to focus on different body parts at the same time when floating in vertical position. You need appropriate training to enhance your floating skills. It’s important to master the skill …

Deception and Swimming

Deception and Swimming

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Deception and Swimming Background: Receiving feedback during training is considered essential feedback for race pace training. This is believed to train the body to repeatedly swim a certain speed. However, the central nervous system and psychological aspect of fatigue and performance are essential in training and sporting success. In fact, the contribution of the central nervous system as the main …

Coaching Yourself After Losing A Race

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You look up, see your time on the clock and even before the disappointment grabs hold of you, that little voice in your head starts revving up. At first, it’s just mostly shocking related, “Are you kidding me?!!!” “I thought for sure that I had gone so much faster!” However, once the reality of yet another slow swim sets in, …