5 Things Swimmers Need to Know About Weed and Swimming 

5 Things Swimmers Need to Know About Weed and Swimming 

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Let’s take a break from performance-enhancing drugs for a minute, and talk about a little bud instead. Michael Phelps is not the only swimmer to smoke weed, and he won’t be the last. He is just the one got caught. Is it safe to toke before you jump in the pool, or are you risking more than its worth? Before …

Are Life Stressors Impairing Your Swimming?

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Mental fatigue: an often overlooked factor that may be impacting the performance of youth swimmers.School, homework, sport, cell phones, television, video games, social media… The bombardment of mental stimulation in today’s youth is astounding and possibly higher today than it ever has been in the past. It makes sense that all of this mental stimulation can negatively impact their daily lives …

Making Excellence a Habit

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Elite performers sleep more, engage in more frequent practiceExcellence is “mundane” to those at the top through daily habitsAn attitude in which excellence becomes mundane may translate into lower performance anxiety and thus more reliable race executionAs championship season continues, it’s not long before full attention goes toward summer preparation.  In times like these, it’s a good opportunity for reflection …