I’m John Mullen, creator of Swimming Science. If you’re new to the world of swimming, a seasoned swimmer, coach, parent, or fan we’ve got something for you! This page outlines the areas to checkout for improving your swimming knowledge today!

Our Core Values

We Foster Education

Educate swimmers, coaches, parents, swim fans: Swimming contains many facets of education. Therefore, a wide range of information is needed whether you’re a swimmer, parent, or coach. We hope to provide one facet of information for encouraging life-long learning and growth in the sport for every party involved. If you are new, check out our swimming glossary.

We Pursue Excellence

Improve swimming performance: Having current knowledge on physiology and biomechanics are only a few of the areas of improvement. The goal of the podcast and blog is to provide a diverse range of information which swimmers, coaches, parents, and swimming enthusiast can use to improve swimming performance.

We Practice Honesty

With all the information in the world, we are in an information era. At Swimming Science, we strive for unbiased well-rounded articles, helping educate those involved in swimming. We certainly have our biases, but try our best through our content editing and review process to stay open-minded and provide valuable resources with the utmost integrity.

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Prevent injuries: Knowing correct biomechanics, safe training approaches, as well as, correct prevention and rehabilitation will allow kids to swim longer in their career and be lifelong ambassadors of the sport. Having swimmers become lifelong ambassadors of the sport is the ultimate goal of any organization, as they will pass along a positive message regarding the sport and increase participation. Also, having a positive, healthy experience in the sport allows swimmers to swim longer, for performance and fitness, improving general health.

About Our Process

Swimming is highly complex. Swim coaching is even more complex, requiring traits and education in many fields. Some of these fields are careers in their own. Experts in these fields should help educate swim coaches, allowing swim coaches to take this information and apply it to the swimming world.

Other fields, particularly professional fields, utilize subject matter experts for continuing education. When professional field experts aren’t utilized in an educational system, progression and improvement halts.

Education must also be continual, as research and practical implications are evolving. Therefore, frequent continuing education is a must for further knowledge!
If you want to be a better swimmer, coach, or learn more about the sport, then staying up-to-date with the latest swimming research is essential. Swimming research articles can confirm or refute your current views on the sport, expanding your mind and knowledge of the sport.

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    Free Written Content: Expert contributors and interviews on this website allow easily digestible content for coaches.

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    Digital Content: Virtual conferences, podcasts, social media live events, we feel providing various educational resources reduces the barrier for education.

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    Ph.D. Scholarships: Helping educate more swimming researchers can help increase the amount of swimming research which is critically lacking, especially in the United States of America.

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    Research Grants: Providing research grant opportunities for researchers and coaches, then making clear and easily found applications for further educating the world of swimming.