Need a charismatic, knowledgeable and credible performance coach or physical therapist?

Need a charismatic and credible speaker?
Want expert advice on swimming biomechanics, strength training, and/or injuries?
Want to transform your team or swimming federation?
That’s me in a nutshell. I’d be honored to be your guy.

Team Consultation

Looking for someone to build a cohesive team dryland, injury prevention, and mental training program?

Focus Areas

  • Performance
  • Recovery
  • Biomechanics

Individual Consultation

Have a shoulder injury? Not sure if you’re doing the correct dryland? We can chat about it and figure it out 🙂

We’ve worked with age-group swimmers to Olympic Gold Medalists!


Speaking Engagements

Looking for an expert who can speak to coaches and/or swimmers about technical elements? Look no further!
Over 22 Olympic Medals and Counting…
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I’ve been working with elite athletes for years, but am now opening up my services for everyone!

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I don’t just talk the talk; I walk the talk too.

Before I became a keynote speaker and consultant, I was a swimmer! I can still remember the excitement of swimming the big meets and the love for the pool—in fact I still swim and was recently on a Masters Swimming World Record Relay!

Over the years at the many conferences I’ve attended, I’ve witnessed many consultants and keynote speakers who fly in, give their speech, and leave as soon as they can get a cab back to the airport. As someone who loves the sport, I love talking with swimmers, coaches, and governing bodies about improving the sport! This is what I bring to all my consultations and speaches! I have also seen a lot of duds on stage—speakers that lack enthusiasm, don’t command their material, and appear almost as if they don’t want to be there. Such lethargic keynote talks can really suck the life out of any audience. I’ve felt that happen.

That’s why I do things differently.

Whenever my schedule allows, I like to stay for the entire conference. I love having the time to connect with conference attendees and to hear their stories. That takes a little more time, but it provides for a more valuable experience—for the attendees, for your event, and for me.

Clear expectations that respect your time & needs

I want to make your life easy. Here’s what you can expect if you hire me for your event:

  • We will have an initial phone consultation so that I can understand your needs and the goals of your conference. I will also share some of my initial ideas to make sure I’m heading in the right direction.
  • You’ll have direct access to me via email and phone, and I respond promptly to your questions.
  • I will announce your event on my blog, podcast, and social media channels.
  • I will deliver a professionally prepared presentation that is both educational and entertaining, and geared toward achieving the outcomes you have for your audience.
  • I will provide a unique resources page exclusive for conference attendees that includes a download of my slide presentation, and a list of books, articles, and other resources I think your audience will find helpful.
  • After the event, we’ll have a quick debrief so that I can hear from you how things went. I want to make sure that I met your expectations, and I always love feedback that I can use for improving my future presentations, too.
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